A pirate walks into a bar...

A pirate walks into a bar after many months at sea. As he finishes his second glass of rum, the bartender builds up his courage to ask about the pirate’s missing leg. The pirate replies, “Sad to say mate, but a cannon ball took that off years ago, the first time we exchanged broadsides with a Navy frigate. I was standing on deck when they got off the first volley.”

After another couple of drinks the bartender asks the pirate about having a hook in place of a hand. The pirate explains, “Aye, I lost that in a sword fight after boarding a merchant ship, the sailor I was fighting took it clean off with his cutlass.”

Finally, the bartender asks the pirate about the new eye patch. The pirate says “We was just coming into port one summer day with clear skies and a light wind when a seagull pooped on my forehead.” The bartender expresses surprise that seagull poop on a forehead could take out an eye. The pirate replies, “Well, not usually, but it was me first day with the hook.”

What’s that got to do with my usual topic of managing unstructured content? Well, maybe not much other than it’s worth noting that unexpected things can always happen. What we can try to do is keep out of harm’s way and at the very least try to minimize any self-inflicted damage. If you’re tired of losing old battles with old technology, consider trying new approaches and new technology.

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