John Martin, founder and CEO of BeyondRecognition, LLC, has announced that the company will be in New York City during the 2015 Legal Tech, February 2 to 5, 2015, for discussions with prospective business partners, and that he welcomes inquiries from interested providers.

NYC HiltonMartin indicated, “We’re looking for a small number of companies who have demonstrated expertise in various markets who would be able to leverage the unique technology that has been developed by BeyondRecognition.”

That technology includes:

  • Native file collection using USB devices with onboard deNISTing and deduplication.
  • Automatic visual clustering of native files and scanned images.
  • Document-type taxonomies
  • Automated attribute extraction
  • Glyph recognition
  • Find technology with fixed and relative positional operators and RPN logic
  • Unlimited output options

Martin further indicated that BeyondRecognition would be scheduling private web sessions to familiarize companies with the technology prior to any meetings.

Interested parties can contact Joe Howie via email to arrange a date and time for meetings.

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