Jeb Bush’s actions in publishing social security numbers and other personal information in emails accumulated during his tenure as governor of Florida created a bit of an international stir recently, see, e.g., articles in the BBC (LINK) and LA Times (LINK)

Bush_Redaction_BBC_590Today there is a heightened sensitivity to protecting personally-identifiable information (PII) and to taking appropriate measures to safeguard against disclosures. Had Mr. Bush’s disclosures been made by a healthcare company or a credit card company, there would have been far more serious legal consequences.

One unfortunate aspect to all this from Mr. Bush’s perspective is that this self-inflicted PR damage was unnecessary – it could have easily been avoided by using automated redaction technology that can redact large volumes of documents while creating detailed logs about what was redacted and the basis for each redaction.

, a member of BeyondRecognition’s network of companies, offers technology that can perform 700,000 redactions per hour. It can do this based on text or numeric patterns like social security numbers, or on lists of terms, or even on page coordinates to redact things like handwritten social security numbers placed on IRS Form 1040.

For further information, see the BeyondRedaction website at

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