TheBends2v4ECM users sometimes have the Info Gov equivalent of the deep sea diving “bends.” This condition occurs when divers ascend too quickly after deep dives and the gas that had been compressed in their bodies decompresses causing painful and sometimes fatal injuries. ECM users sometimes feel like their heads are about to explode after trying to sift through all the irrelevant and redundant documents in their systems.

If you or your users are repeatedly experiencing the ECM bends, it’s a sure sign that it’s time to weed out the irrelevant documents and the redundant copies of relevant content that are cluttering your system.

How you ask? Use visual document classification technology to cluster like documents, then eliminate non-records, keeping what has business or regulatory value and eliminating hash or visual duplicates. Some clients have experienced volume reductions well in excess of 70%.

BeyondRecognition automatically clusters like documents and clients can quickly review each cluster to determine disposition. If documents in a cluster are retained, clients can apply a document-type name to those documents. Once documents are classified, any number of information governance tasks become manageable, e.g., apply retention schedules, set access privileges, determine where PII exists, etc.

Visual Classification - After v03_brder_labels_590_2grayFor more on visual classification, see, “Visual Classification Simplified,” or “Why ECM End Users Don’t Care About Block-Level Deduping.”

For information on how BeyondRecognition could help your organization with their information governance challenges, email Joe Howie at

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