<KirschbergAugust 19, 2014. Forbes law and technology contributor Ben Kerschberg has posted an article on BeyondRecognition’s visual classification technology, “Visual Document Classification: Changing the Dynamics of Information Governance.” [LINK] In the article, he covers:

  • What is so different about visual classification,
  • Why energy companies have adopted it,
  • Metrics that quantify the value of using BR,
  • BR workflow,
  • BR’s competitors,
  • Thoughts on documents as “unstructured data”
  • Other industries that will adopt BR
  • Use cases for BR
  • What’s next for BR
  • Customer support
  • Growth plans for BR

You can follow Ben on Twitter at https://twitter.com/BenKerschberg, and read his Harvard Business Review articles at http://blogs.hbr.org/ben-kerschberg/.

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