Does visual classification work on native files and scanned paper documents?

Yes. BeyondRecognition creates visual representations of all documents and compares those visual representations. That means that BR is able to compare all types of native electronic files and scanned documents in the same workflow.

Does BeyondRecognition offer a cloud-based option or can we operate completely behind our own firewall?

BeyondRecognition offers both options. You can have visual classification processing done wherever it makes the most sense for you.

When I use visual classification for more than one project or IG initiative, how much of the intelligence can I roll forward from earlier projects?

All of the earlier document classification assessments can be carried forward to the new project so that you will not have to repeat retention/disposition decisions, designating document types, or identifying attribute extraction zones.

How much flexibility do I have in assigning document types to clusters?

You can assign whatever document types make sense to you. BR provides a three-level document type tree that you can completely customize. Most organizations use business unit or function as the top level, then document type as the second level and sub-type as the third level.

What about scanned documents or other files with no text?

BeyondRecognition content-enables image-only documents, adding a text layer to those documents. Clients can choose from a variety of options in determining how they want to use the text, e.g., PDF with image and text, csv files, text-only files, etc.

What can I do with folders or boxes of documents that were scanned into one file?

BeyondRecognition learns what pages look like that start documents and this can be used to designate logical document boundaries in multi-document files.

We've already classified a large number of documents that we maintain in our enterprise content management system. How can we make use of those earlier efforts?

By processing content that has already been classified, BeyondRecognition can learn how you’ve classified that content and can apply those classifications going forward.

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