Downloadable resources that provide more detail about BR technology:

John Martin’s Guide to Managing Unstructured Content

Practical advice on gaining control of unstructured content – regardless of the systems you’re using.


Glyph Analytics: A New Tool Set for Managing Big Unstructured Data Collections

Paper presented at the IEEE International Conference on Big Data, Boston MA (2017, December).

Technical Overview of Visual Classification

Provides a technical overview of how visual classification and zonal attribute extraction work.

Accelerating Acquisitions of Oil and Gas Wells v07_thumb_brdr_590

Accelerating the Acquisition of Oil & Gas Wells and Fields

An overview of how to accelerate the assimilation of Oil & Gas documents in an acquisition for operational and compliance.

Detecting & Protecting PII in Unstructured Content

Describes how visual classification can be used to identify where PII is occurring in unstructured content and how it enhances the ability to protect PII and other sensitive information.

TAR vs Visual Classification v11_FNL_brdr_590

TAR vs. Visual Classification, An Unfair Comparison

A detailed examination of the many significant differences between normal “Technology Assisted Review” as often used in electronic discovery and Visual Classification which has many applications in document-centric information governance tasks.

Visual Classification in the Mortgage Industry

How organizations buying, selling, or auditing mortgages can meet that challenge of determining if all required documents are present in loan files with accurate or at least consistent information so they can determine the value or risks associated with the loans.


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