Download John Martin’s Guide to Managing Unstructured Content

John Martin’s Guide to Managing Unstructured Content, Practical Advice on Gaining Control of Unstructured Content, provides a four-step model to gaining control of unstructured content:

  • Rationalize – identify the files you need to manage
  • Classify – describe the types of documents
  • Attribute – pull key data elements
  • Validate – be sure you’ve identified all files and that the information is correct

The book is based on John’s many years of migrating content, developing e-discovery and information management tools, and serving as a testifying and consulting expert on e-discovery.

The first part of the book gives advice and pointers for each of the four steps. The book goes on to provide a high-level overview of visual classification followed by an in-depth examination of the technology from the perspective of the four-step model. The book concludes by offering a checklist for selecting file classification technology along with thoughts on getting started.

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