Long-time industry leader and former Chair of AIIM International Board of Directors to advise and represent innovative document technology company

Germantown, TN (January 8, 2013) – John Martin, founder and CEO of BeyondRecognition, LLC, a highly innovative document technology company, announced today that Bob Zagami, Principal Consultant at IMAGAZ by ZAGAMI, has agreed to serve on the BeyondRecognition (“BR”) Advisory Board. MartBob Zagamiin noted that, “We are very pleased to be able to make use of Bob’s tremendous breadth and depth of knowledge in enterprise document management. He has played a leadership role in the document management industry for decades, most recently as the Northeast Regional General Manager and Director of Marketing for DataBank, LLC. He is the former president of Information Technology, Inc. and has been active in AIIM International for over thirty years, serving as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the industry-leading association from 2009-2010. Zagami launched his consulting company after leaving DataBank in 2012. His numerous awards and honors attest to his expertise in all facets of document management and we look forward to working with him in deploying BR’s document analysis technology.”

Zagami indicated that, “The BR suite of document analysis tools represent a fresh new approach to document management that dramatically lowers the level of operator involvement required to covert images to text or to code electronic or scanned documents. I look forward to being involved in reengineering current business process workflows and creating entirely new processes, both for electronic records and scanned paper documents.”

Both Martin and Zagami also announced that Zagami had become an authorized sales agent for BR with the intent to focus on large-scale document management processes for Fortune 500 companies.

BeyondRecognition provides a new range of high-volume document management tools including:

  • Automatic clustering of visually-similar documents. Even documents that have poor quality images can be grouped by visual similarity, either for routing those documents for downstream processing or for granular document categorization/retention purposes. Although paper and electronic archives are often treated as separate silos, BR can associate scanned paper document images in the same clusters as electronic-source documents, permitting the application of common retention schedules for both document formats and the elimination of unneeded duplicate copies.
  • Cataloging individual glyphs for text conversion and single-instance editing purposes – BR has solved the technical problems associated with using glyph cataloging for high-volume, high-accuracy document conversion processes, often permitting 99.9% plus word accuracy at a fraction of the time and effort required for older character recognition (“OCR”) processing.
  • Rapid coding or data extraction from document clusters using BR’s graphical user interface.

BR technology is available on appliances that can be deployed behind company firewalls as well as via SaaS services.

About Bob Zagami

Bob Zagami is Principal Consultant at IMAGAZ by ZAGAMI, where he consults on document conversion services, document management systems, document management software, business process improvements, strategic sales, and marketing programs. Bob served as General Manager, New England Region for DataBank for 34 years, and served in several capacities for AIIM International. He is an international expert on document management systems and has been awarded many honors by AIIM, including the Award of Merit, AIIM Company of Fellows, the Carl E. Nelson Engineering Award, and the Distinguished Service Award. He served as chairman of the AIIM International Board of Directors from 2008 to 2009. He was also the president of the New England Chapter of AIIM for 1981-1982.

For more information about Bob Zagami, contact rwzagami@gmail.com.

About BeyondRecognition

BeyondRecognition (“BR”) uses technology to dramatically compress the time it takes an organization to convert documents to actionable intelligence and load that information in decision support systems. BR also eliminates the need for a substantial proportion of the labor and support staff commonly associated with such conversion and loading.

BR can be used on a project basis or integrated into ongoing business processes. To learn more about how BeyondRecognition can help you rapidly identify the actionable information in your documents, visit www.BeyondRecognition.net or contact info@BeyondRecognition.net.

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