BeyondRecognition founder and CEO John Martin was featured on the popular Houston radio show, High-Tech Texan hosted by radio personality and high-tech guru Michael Garfield.


Here was Garfield’s lead in to the interview:

I do like spotlighting and talking about some new technology that can help companies and people and change things, that’s what we’re talking about. Became familiar with a company not too long ago, very impressive, and it’s called BeyondRecognition.

And any of our listeners who’ve worked for major energy company, specifically here in Houston area, you know, you’ve got literally billions, billions of pages of paper documents, terabytes of electronic documents that you’ve created over the decades. It covers all the phases of your business: exploration, production, refining, distribution, you name it.

BeyondRecognition, I love the technology, seems to be changing the large corporations and how they manage those documents. Here to speak on that, founder and CEO of the company called BeyondRecognition, John Martin. John we welcome you to the worldwide airwaves, the High-Tech Texan show, how are you today?

RussianText smMartin went on describe the idea behind visual classification by describing the task of sorting Russian-language documents into stacks of documents that looked alike – humans could do this even if they didn’t understand Russian.

BR uses a similar approach to classifying documents independent of whether they have recognizable text. Martin also noted that while people talk about a big data problem, in his view it’s really more an issue of small tools.

The interview included a shout-out to Image Engine, a Houston-based data services company which is a BR strategic partner.

An MP3 file with the complete interview is here.

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