ARMA Houston JM Composite v01_600BR founder and CEO John Martin delivered one of the best received presentations at the ARMA Houston Conference & Expo earlier this month. Drawing from such diverse sources as Godzilla, Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction, and some custom cartoons, Martin had the audience chuckling and fully engaged. By the time Martin was a few minutes into his presentation there were hardly any seats left as ARMA members from energy companies and other large corporations, plus a few vendors, filled the room.

One of the attendees commented, “I wish I’d had you as a teacher in high school!”

In addition to explaining the symptoms and origins of the large-scale data management problems in large organizations, Martin demonstrated how those problems could be resolved by the use of visual classification and automated attribute extraction technology.

Session_Signage_BR_v03_v2webMartin’s presentation was sponsored by BR’s partner, Houston-based Image Engine, a data services company.

If your association or group would like to have a presentation on using visual classification and automated attribute extraction to meet your information governanance tasks, contact Joe Howie at

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