Memphis TN – May 30, 2014. John Martin, CEO and Founder of BeyondRecognition, LLC, (“BR”) a Memphis-based provider of information governance technology to Fortune 500 companies, announced today that BR’s participation in the 18th International Conference on Petroleum Data, Integration and Data Management sponsored by PennWell Corporation held last week was a huge success for BR.

Overall Cloud Elements2Martin noted that, “The conference brought together about 600 engineers, geologists, IT professionals and team leads from oil & gas companies around the world to discuss data integration and data management, and many of those people were eager to learn how BR could help them convert their native electronic and scanned paper archives into useful information. Twelve of the companies accepted BR’s offer to classify one TB of data at no cost to the company so they can see first hand how visual classification works on their documents. We can make this commitment because these trial projects virtually always result in the companies becoming BR clients – especially companies that have tried large scale projects either manually or using older technology.”

Martin drew the analogy between some of the sophisticated systems the companies had put in place to manage their data and owning a Ferrari but not having gas for it: “They have these sleek, powerful systems in place like a Ferrari, but they have no gas for the engine – they need to get content into these systems in order for them to perform as desired. BR provides them the ability to take their native electronic documents and their scanned paper records, classify them, and extract pertinent attributes from them that can be loaded in their ECM or other systems of record.”

Martin concluded  by noting that, “The level of interest on the part of oil & gas companies was matched by the level of interest on the part of other providers who service the oil & gas industry. They see BR as a way to further leverage their own offerings.”

About BeyondRecognition, LLC

BeyondRecognition (“BR”) provides a suite of integrated information governance tools that help Fortune 500 companies consolidate paper and electronic documents, migrate documents to content management systems, and remediate file shares. BR’s key technologies include the ability to organize content by grouping documents based on visual similarity – even native files, PDF’s, and scanned documents can all be processed together. BR’s visual coding then automates extracting data elements from each cluster.  BR’s clients enjoy rapid project start-up, and improved accuracy in coding or extracting data elements from documents, and they particularly appreciate finishing projects in months originally scheduled to take years.

For more information about BeyondRecognition, visit the BR website at, or contact Joe Howie, VP, Corporate Communications, at, or 918-894-6943.

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