Advanced technology offering provides rapid, accurate visual classification of documents for information governance initiatives

Overall Cloud Elements2Germantown TN – April 16, 2014. John Martin, CEO and founder of BeyondRecognition, LLC (“BR”), a Memphis-based technology company providing data-driven information governance technology to Fortune 500 companies, announced today that BR’s groundbreaking visual classification technology was available for cloud-based deployment for organizations wanting to classify documents and correspondence.

Martin noted that, “Document classification is the initial crucial step in content migration, file share remediation, records retention, and other information governance initiatives. Unfortunately for many organizations, document classification is often inordinately expensive, time consuming and inaccurate. BR’s visual classification technology removes those barriers to effective information governance.”

Martin also commented, “Unlike some technology-assisted classification (“TAC”) approaches that require the user to write complex rules to identify specific document types or to identify numerous exemplars of specific document types, with BR the classifications are self-forming. Our Fortune 50 clients have been pleasantly surprised that they can begin effective classification within days of collecting their electronic or scanned paper documents. Basically, BR does the heavy lifting of forming the classification groupings automatically. Perhaps best of all, unlike virtually all of the other TAC providers like Symantec, Autonomy, and Equivio, BR’s visual similarity approach is not limited to text-bearing documents. Other TAC providers cannot effectively classify non-textual documents like well logs and image-only scanned documents – and those non-textual documents may account for as much as 30 or 40% of some collections.”

Martin concluded by saying that, “Visual similarity technology is computationally intensive, especially when scaled to analyze millions of documents per day, and having a cloud offering is the perfect solution, especially in the initial phases when years or decades worth of documents have to be ingested. Having an initial cloud implementation simplifies and streamlines major projects and processes.”

More information about cloud-based visual document classification is available at LINK.

About BeyondRecognition

BeyondRecognition provides enterprise-scale information governance technology to Fortune 500 clients. BR’s core technology classifies electronic and scanned paper documents based on their visual similarity. Other components of BR’s offerings include zonal attribute extraction, visual deduping, and glyph recognition. BR technology enables content migration, file remediation, and other IG tasks as well as powering document-intensive business processes. BR’s clients enjoy rapid project start-up and improved accuracy in coding or extracting document attributes. They also particularly appreciate being able to finish projects in months that had originally been scheduled to take years.

For more information about BR, visit their website at, or contact Joe Howie, VP, BeyondRecognition Corporate Communications, at, or 918-894-6943.

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