BeyondReview-Transparent-v6DW Legal, a member of the BeyondRecognition network of families, has changed is name to BeyondReview to highlight its increased services capabilties made possible by BeyondRecognition technology. The new services integrate the comprehensiveness of visual classificationBeyondReview-Transparent-v6 technology and the precision of expert-led eDiscovery and legal review teams to provide a complete end-to-end data-driven discovery offering at fixed, predictable prices.

The BeyondReview team is scheduling appointments in New York City during the week of Legal Tech to show its new offering. Interested parties can contact David Lugbauer at 713-547-4542 or via email at

The full press release is shown below and is also available on PRWeb.

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New Generation of Data-Driven Discovery Services Drives DW Legal Name Change to BeyondReview

Combination of Visual Classification Technology and Proven Discovery Experts Enables New Generation of More Efficient, Less Costly Electronic Discovery Services

HOUSTON (January 13, 2015) – DW Legal, a leader in the delivery of managed review services to law firms, corporations and government entities today announced that it is changing its corporate name to BeyondReview as it transitions from a full service managed review company into a true data-driven discovery services company. This change reflects a significant increase in eDiscovery capability for a company with document review capabilities proven on the largest, most complex managed document reviews in history. The increase in capability is powered by the introduction of a new generation of data-driven discovery services. These new services integrate the comprehensiveness of visual classification technology and the precision of expert-led eDiscovery and legal review teams to provide a complete end-to-end data-driven discovery offering.

A New Generation Electronic Discovery Offering

“Progressive organizations constantly look for ways to improve services and expand the value they provide their clients. Occasionally, a significant increase in value leads an organization to rename itself to more accurately reflect new capabilities,” shared Mark Willis, CEO and President of the Willis Group, the majority owner of BeyondReview. “Today, I am pleased to announce such a change for DW Legal as we introduce a new generation of eDiscovery services under our new BeyondReview name. These new services combine cutting edge technology with teams of eDiscovery experts to deliver discovery services faster, more comprehensively and less costly than currently available alternatives.”

“The visual classification technology used by BeyondReview is the only enterprise-scalable capability available for grouping visually similar documents. Visual similarity provides a unique advantage over earlier generation predictive coding and other text-restricted technologies as it classifies all document files whether or not they have associated text,” highlighted John Martin, CEO and Founder of BeyondRecognition, a primary shareholder in BeyondReview. “This comprehensiveness reduces client risk resulting from the use of systems that do not see documents with missing or poor quality text. It also allows for the visual grouping of similar documents automatically, thus significantly decreasing the amount of data necessary to be reviewed by eDiscovery and review experts.”

The New Generation Technology Differentiation Accomplishes a 97% Reduction (note 1) of All ESI

Available immediately, BeyondReview’s new generation eDiscovery services are differentiated from previous discovery offerings in four distinct ways as they are the only eDiscovery services available that can:

  1. Auto classify by visual similarity any document type regardless of the presence of text.
  2. Provide a complete, secure and encrypted collection capability enabled by a proprietary collection and storage connector device. The connector device also serves as a forensically sound and completely defensible legal hold repository, allowing organizations to continue regular disposition of in-use files.
  3. Auto redact all document types based on visual similarity at a rate 15 times faster than traditional manual redaction processes.
  4. Auto classify and process by visual similarity all email attachments while fully maintaining family relationships. Additionally email processing provides a single instance email conversation chain containing all communications without redundancy.

A Complete Offering with Predictable Pricing

“Integrating our proven people and processes with a new generation of technology allows us to deliver services from data collection through production with power, precision and speed not available from text- based discovery platforms,” shared Rob Miller, Managing Member of BeyondReview. “Based on the predictability of our process and the fact we provide all of the technology and talent, from initial collection to final production supported by discovery experts, project managers and trained review attorneys, we are able to offer completely transparent pricing models to include industry unique fixed document pricing based only on the amount of documents to be reviewed.”

To learn more about how our approach to eDiscovery can improve your discovery efforts, contact us today to schedule an introductory online demonstration or visit with our team at LegalTech NY (February 3-5, 2015).

About BeyondReview

Founded in 2011 as DW Legal and based in Houston, TX, BeyondReview is a data-driven discovery services company that uses visual classification technology and expert review attorneys to deliver end-to-end discovery with power, precision and speed.

To learn more about BeyondReview, visit BeyondReview.US and connect with us on Twitter (@BeyondReview) and LinkedIn.

About Visual Classification

Visual classification technology enables data management, analysis and governance tasks by automating the collection, reduction, classification and governance of large volumes of data. Highlighted by Gartner (note 2) and Forbes (note 3), visual classification technology is unique as it supports data reduction and classification of any data file structure, format or type.

To learn more about Visual Classification, visit BeyondReview.US/technology.


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