The Summer, 2013, issue of the ABA’s Electronic Discovery and Digital Evidence (“EDDE”) Journal features an article by John Martin, “E-Discovery Standards Proposals.” The article covers many topics that could be included in ISO/IEC standards or included in e-discovery best practices for law firms or corporations.



The article includes discussions on:

  • Using single-instance productions so that only one copy of unique files is produced. The production would include a manifest with hash values for all files produced, plus a Sources file that would provide details on where all the copies had been located.
  • Use of RFC 5322 for deduping email.
  • Requiring greater information security on the part of requesting parties while storing or using PII or trade secret documents.
  • Using categorical privilege logging procedures in which only one unique copy of each document would be listed, but there would also be a Sources file that would tell who had copies of those items.

The article can be downloaded here at no charge: Martin E-Discovery Standards article.

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